Biryani The Taste of India

Briyani is a classic dish, which is very popular and famous all over India. Each part of India has its own version of this dish. Biryani is a mixed rice dish with its origins still in search as some historians believe that this dish originated from the Indian subcontinent. We have many more histories and stories surrounding the origin of this classic dish also known as the King of South Asian cuisine.

As India is a diverse country in terms of culture and flavors there are some regional variants of biryani you need to know, which is served in India. In Northern India, you will find the influence of the Mughlai style of biryani, which is more of meat and butter or ghee whereas in Southern parts of India is more of vegetables, rice, seafood.

Biryani types by origin

Lucknowi or Awadh Biryani

One of the most popular and famous of all Biryanis in India is Lucknowi Biryani, the name came from Lucknow, this biryani is a royal Mughal dish from Awadh around the 18th century. This dish is mild in spices and aromatic wherein the rice is cooked separately and the chicken is marinated with mild spices to bring the aroma and flavour, and then both the mixture are cooked in a seal pot vessel over low heat for hours.

Kolkata Biryani

This is originated from West Bengal and is similar to the Lucknowi biryani in taste, but has some special indigents like rose water and saffron to enhance the flavour of the dish and two different key specialities are potato and eggs.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi dum biryani is a blend of flavours of Mughlai and Iranian cuisine, the strong spices and sourness make this dish so special. This dish is prepared by mixing the raw goat meat and rice together, to bring the taste along with mint, coriander and fried onions to garnish the biryani. Hyderabad we can also find Tahiri biryani which is the vegetarian version, Doodh ki biryani which is flavoured with creamy milk, nuts, and minimal spices.

Malabar Biryani

This comes from Kozhikode region of Kerala, this is famous for its dum style cooking. We can find different varieties which include mutton, chicken, prawn and fish cooked with mild Malabar spices and kaima rice.

These are some of the most popular varieties of biryani served in Indian, but more than 20 varieties of biryani can be found in the world, which is not only non-vegetarian made of meat or chicken but also the vegetarian and sweet version are also available and loved.

Though the theories and origin of this dish defer from region to centuries, thus no other dish can be compared with this aromatic and tasty Mughal dish.

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