There is a saying – All those glitters is not gold. Yes, because all those glitters is copper!

The use of Copper in Indian tradition does not only have holy or cultural significance but has a proven scientific history to it. Copper is a metal, scientifically proven to preserve water from poisoning and kills harmful bacteria.

This pinkish-orange metal, last for generations and thus cost-efficient and is used in kitchenware and used in many technological instruments from medical sciences to household equipment.

Copper is a metal that has been the most used in history, especially for Asian, European, Mesopotamia, and Egyptian civilizations. For the amazing, properties of high conductivity, durability and corrosion resistance.

Copper Vessels in Ayurveda

Per Ayurveda, Copper is one such metal that can help to balance all the three elements in the body – Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Per Scientific research, if the drinking water is stored in a copper vessel for seven to eight hours before drinking it can have a tremendous effect on balancing the body as the metal releases some ions into the water.

Even in the present-day, you will find the usage of copper vessels, mugs, serving plates, cutlery in various traditional household parties, ceremonies, and restaurants, etc. As times have changed many viruses like Covid and other harmful diseases are getting common in World, we should seriously consider travelling back in time to adopt these traditional methods for healthy living.

Benefits of the copper in our daily life for a healthy living

Copper is an essential micronutrient used from Ancient civilizations for wellness, beauty, health and medical treatments, and other fields of construction, renewable energy production.

For Healthy Body & Mind

Our body naturally doesn't produce copper. We need to add them from an external source from food substances like beans, soy, leafy vegetables, beets, nuts, and seeds. We need to add these to our daily food consumption to fight against viruses and bacteria.

Drinking water every day from a copper vessel helps bones and muscles get stronger similarly wearing copper jewellery too.

For Cooking

The use of copper vessels for cooking has many benefits, like the most important it uses a lesser amount of oil and preserves 98percent of minerals in the cooked food. It even uses less fuel as it retains heat, cooks fast, and evenly. Finally, it gives an authentic taste and aroma to the food cooked, as no harmful chemicals induced from the vessels.

A mix of tin and Copper, Kansa vessels is also a healthy option for cooking as tin is known to improve brain activity.

For Beauty

Copper is an antioxidant, safeguards your cell membranes from free radicals, helps your skin and joints produce collagen and elastin to prevent premature ageing and promote skin elasticity. Now you know one of the secret metals which helps in anti-ageing.

Copper has many elements in it that help in body weight loss and protection of skin from the Sun. It even helps to remove bacteria and helps in good circulation of blood flow in the body.

Use of Copper to fight against Covid

Copper helps to improve the immune system; this metal helps in killing the bacteria or virus on its surface.

Research has shown copper could potentially fight the new coronavirus, per the New England Journal of Medicine found that the virus lasted on the copper surface for just a few hours, compared with days on stainless steel and plastic.

One step at a time for a healthier world, in our opinion adopting healthy habits and passing onto the next generations is one of the greatest gifts we can give the generations to come. We feel that following a strict healthy living is no less than charity work. Small steps sometimes can make a huge difference. Let us start our journey to create a healthy and safe planet.

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