Gram Flour – What are its Health Benefits?

Gram Flour - more popularly known as ‘Besan’ in South-Asian households, is typically used in staple Indian dishes, such as pakoras and kadhi chawal. Over the years, gram flour has substituted wheat flour because of its numerous health benefits. It contains a perfect balance of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that make it a low-carb, high-protein, and no-gluten ingredient for meals and snacks.
Read the list below to find out what these benefits are:

It is a good replacement for regular flour

  • 1 cup of gram flour compared to a cup of regular (wheat) flour - has 25% lesser calories, allowing reduction of calories without having to limit portion size.
  • Besan increases satiety by increasing feelings of fullness post-meal by 31% compared to a meal incorporating wheat flour. Moreover, it reduces feelings of hunger by acting as a hormone regulator.
  • Since gram flour has half the amount of carbohydrates than in regular flour, it has less drastic effects on blood sugar levels.
  • Besan provides more valuable nutrients in better amounts.
  • For someone intolerant to gluten, gram flour is the perfect replacement for them.

It helps prevent diseases

Because of the antioxidants that gram flour contains, it scavenges harmful particles and helps to reduce their count in the body.

Moreover, a by-product called ‘acrylamide’ can cause cancer, in addition to complications in reproduction, muscle and nerve functions. Gram flour can scavenger for this particle as well - thereby, reducing the risk of developing diseases and complications.

It has tons of fibre and protein

The high amounts of fibre in gram flour ensures uncountable health benefits, such as improved fat levels in the blood. Additionally, high amounts of protein ensure efficient muscle growth and weight management, among other advantages.

It is excellent for skin and hair

Besan is a spectacular natural remedy for treating acne, exfoliating dead skin, and removing oiliness and tan. For the hair, it does a remarkable job getting rid of dandruff and dry hair, also aiding in cleansing of hair and rapid hair growth.

It can be made at home easily

Gram flour can be homemade if chickpeas, sifter, cookie sheets, and food processor is available. It can be made by following a relatively simple method and be stored in airtight containers for up to 6-8 weeks.

Nutritional Facts of Gram Flour:

ENERGY (Kcal) 356.04
PROTEIN (g) 20.6
FAT (g) 6.15
FIBRE (g) 9.94
IRON (mg) 4.47
MAGNESIUM (mg) 152.72
POTASSIUM (mg) 778.32
SODIUM (mg) 58.88
VITAMIN A (IU) 37.72
FOLATE (mcg) 402.04
THIAMIN (mg) 0.45

Nutritional Facts of Gram Flour:

All in all, gram flour has proven to be relatively healthy, and therefore, it should be in the meals we cook and bake.

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